My Ignition Golf Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

Hi there! My name is Jim Richards of and this is my review of Ignition Golf. As a golf professional I am always looking for ways to help golfers play at their very best, no matter the skill level.

Whether you are a beginner, high handicapper or want to continue shooting par, every golfer wants to learn simple things that will take lots of shots off their scores.

This reminds me of friend and student of mine Greg. On a good day he scores below 90 but more often than not he shoots in the 90s. He practices improving his game once every two weeks and he has been playing for 22 years.

Greg’s biggest problem is lack of consistency, he can hit one great golf shot followed by a terrible golf shot and that frustrates him. Also he doesn’t hit it far enough generally due to a slice and he lacks a lot of accuracy, especially with his woods and longer clubs.

I am always asked what needs to be done to fix hitting the ball too short. How to correct a slice or hook? But more importantly what does every golfer need to do be consistent?

My answer to that is to join Ignition Golf like Greg did. And the more and more people learn about what it an immediate impact it can have on your game, your confidence and consistency will start to grow.

My Review:Here’s my thoughts and opinions on Ignition Golf

Ignition Golf Review
I came across Ignition Golf purely through research, there are a lot of golf instruction experts out there and they do a good job, but I was looking for something that stood out from the crowd.

You need to look no further online if you are tired of getting the same results, which means you will continue to be unhappy and keep wondering why you are destined to remain the average golfer you are.

When you join and login into the member’s area at Ignition golf you will be right away be impressed with the layout. It is the dashboard that is the key to being a member. Created by head professional Paul Wilson. You will not find a dashboard like this anywhere else on any other site.

The dashboard allows you to search through all of the golf tips and save the tips to create your own custom “to do” list. So you will know what you need to be working on.I was very surprised at just how much was included when I joined Ignition Golf.

Daily tips sent to your email inbox.

I got instant online help right on my home computer. It does not matter what skill level you are at, there are tips to help you to hit the ball farther with less effort. Get you to develop a consistent swing and trim unwanted strokes from your short game. Even more important get you to sink more putts.

Mobile friendly. Right from your smartphone, take the tips and your “to do” list with you to the range. No more guessing on what to work on when you do get the chance to practice.

The whole point of the “To do” list is that you are saving different tips in different sections so that you can access them in the future. So you will know what tips you like and what you need to be working on.

Hundreds of videos available, as a member you have access to video tips related to every issue a golfer has to deal with. You get to pick which areas of your game to work on and watch the right video.

Stop and start the video whether you do it on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone all the videos are produced as easy step by step simple to follow instruction.

Ignition Golf Pros & Cons

  • Expert help in all areas of golf.
  • On course help from creator and head pro Paul Wilson
  • Fitness tips to make you a stronger fit player, reducing the chance of injury.
  • Professional help with the mental side of playing consistent good golf    

To be honest I didn’t really find any faults with Ignition Golf but here’s a couple of things I would really of like included:

Maybe a short questionnaire to point golfers into the right direction of what they need to work on.

I might be fussy but something else I didn’t like about Ignition Golf was the overwhelming choice of topics to choose from. It can be a little intimidating.

 Other than that, Ignition Golf is a good program to join and I’m really happy I am also a member.

Check out Greg’s Result’s from being a member of Ignition Golf

Greg thought he would always be a bad golfer and never shoot lower scores. But after joining Ignition Golf he found the video tips

that helped him right away, he simply followed the easy step by step instructions that took lots of shots off his scorecard.

He now plays with more confidence, no more frustration about his lack of consistency to hit good golf shots.

Even his buddies have noticed a definite change in Greg’s game, so much so even they are asking him what he did.

Ignition Golf $149.96 Yearly or $14.96 Monthly What a Bargain Only for a LIMITED TIME

This is a great price to get all the golf instruction help you are going to need.

If you are serious about having a more consistent golf game, these tips will only help if you are willing to do some practice.

Don’t waste your money if you are not looking to hit the ball farther, have a good short game and be deadly at putting.

If want to take your game to another level, then join Ignition Golf and take advantage of the limited time discounted membership.

Cancel anytime if you are not happy.

What could be more easier than that?

So now is the time to make a change.

Are you willing to keep getting the same results, which means you’ll be unhappy and keep wondering why you are destined to remain the average golfer you are.

I highly recommend you join Ignition Golf now and become a better golfer no matter your skill level.

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Here’s an exclusive inside look inside member’s area of Ignition Golf. Watch the Video

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